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Can't get Vive working in a room 25 feet away


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Just got the Vive. I ran an HDMI and US? to a room 25' away and it didnt work. The Vive only works with the cables the provided me in my bedroom where i have little play space. Does anyone have any USB cables and HDMI cables that works at a distance of 25'? Their customer support is saying that they don't reccomend products other theirs so I'm on my own as far as figuring out how to get it to work in the other room. Any ideas?

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Mirroring whomever you talked to, we don't consider extensions to be a supported use-case outside of the extension kit that used to ship with Vive BE (which was basically an active linkbox and a 3-in-1). 


I would recommend referring to this thread on Reddit that is a crowdsourced list of cables that have been tested. At 25 feet, you'll need active cables for both the USB and HDMI leads. 25 feet is right on the boundary between being able to do this with consumer gear or needing to make the jump to professional gear ($$$). 

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