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Vivepro problem


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Hello, everybody.


I have VIVE PRO, today i played game in a room, and while i walking in room, i stepped on cable which is hanged vertically from table. Because LINKBOX is sticked on table front cable was instantly removed during play. Then i turn off linkbox, insert cable again and from that moment, when i click blue button led is green, helmet on left side is orange, and i hear repeatedly sound like when you connect and disconnect USB every second in rhytm to infinite. I tried to push all cables, but still the same :-( What is going on, pls help

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It could be the cable and/or the linkbox is damaged. Unfortunately, with the Vive Pro there's not really any way to test and rule out one or the other since the cable is propritary. I would contact our support at www.vive.com/us/support/contactus Live Chat and tell them what happened, go through the process for cable and linkbox replacement.

(Replace US with your country code if you not in the US)

Thank you

-John C

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