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One base station not connecting


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I've searched through a lot of the forum, and the vive subreddit and haven't found a solution to my topic yet:


So only one of my base stations isn't connecting to Steam VR. Both stations are saying that they are connecting to eachother (Green light with the red dots). Only one of them is showing in Steam VR. One is showing green, one is showing gray. When I have the headset on, it works as if I am running with one base station, so it works ok if I'm facing the lighthouse that's working, but then gray screens if I look at the other lighthouse. 

When I "scan for base stations", it finds both base stations. When I unplug the gray base station, it only scans for one. Plug it back in, then it finds both again. 


After about 30 minutes of not getting it to connect, the lighthouse will switch from green light to a blue light, and start making a whirring noise. As if it's spinning more than normal and trying to connect. Unplugging it and plugging it back in will get it to go back to a green light with red dots for a while, while still showing not connected (gray) in SteamVR. 


I have tried:

-restarting steam VR

-restarting my computer
-every combination of channels on each lighthouse (with both using the sync cable and not). 

-reinstalling steamVR USB drivers

-disabling and enabling bluetooth

-Turning off the "power saver" function


Any help would be appreciated

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