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Vive wireless power bank blinking


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So I got the wireless vive adapter during the holiday season and just got around to setting it up. Everything pretty much went smoothly until it came down to try it out. The power bank has been blinking 4 lights for the past 24 hours pretty much. I left it to charge most of this time waiting for in the charging indication. Now, normally id just think its faulty, but it sometimes will work. For example, last night i got it to connect and it displayed 2 dots so i went to give pavlov a try, once i loaded into a match the power bank went back to blinking 4 lights. So I decided to let it charge overnight. It is now midday when i try it and its still giving me the blinking 4 lights but I did get it to connect and turn on the headset once and now its got 4 dots instead of the 2 last night indicating it has been getting some charge. Any suggestions?

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