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I just cancelled my subscription, and I was sugested to leave feedback in the forums, wich I think would be constructive.


I purchased the vive month and a half ago, I work in CG, I have used Unity professionaly on a couple of projects, although I do not make videogames/experiences.


My impression of Vive port is... it takes too much time to short around the bad quality content, it does have great titles, and as a concept could had worked, but after 3 weekends lost in its catalogue I decided it is not worth to waste my free time discarding very lazy apps. No matter if the experiences are free or not, my time does have a value to me and when things are not curated at all or just serve the purpose to fill space on a store which yet has not enough content, I feel I am wasting something far more valuable than the money apps would cost lets say the steam way.


The 5 apps limitation is as well unapealing, it does look like a bad deal to me, and wastes time since after a month expires you get to digg the catalog again to retrieve the things you like (I for example forgot the name of an app, and just gave up).


I think I am happy to quit and do things some other way, I dont think thats a sucess so hopefully someone gets the feedback and figure out some way to structire things in a less painfull way.


All my best to you.

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Hi  ,


We appreciate your feedback. When it comes to titles, enjoyment and mileage does vary. As you mentioned, there are great titles in both Subscription and otherwise within Viveport. It really does depend on what you enjoy and would like to experience. 


As for Viveport Subscription having a 5 title a month limit, this will be changing VERY soon. On April 2nd in fact. Our Viveport subscription is changing to Viveport Infinity. The 5 title a month limit will be gone and you will be able to check out as many titles as you would like. No need to go through reselection or anything. 


I encourage you to check this out when it releases. Also, we are giving away a free month just for taking our 10 second survey. You can find that here. https://blog.vive.com/us/2019/03/01/explore-infinity-one-month-free-viveport-infinity/ Give it a shot, let us know what you think after the month. :)

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