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Classroom with 5 HTC VIVE


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Hi Guys,

please i need help with set up 5 sets in one classroom, do u have any experience with setting up more vive in one room?. Room is around 7mx7m, i dont know how many lighthouses i need to use, or if it is possible to set up only one space for them all with 6 lighthouses maybe.


Thank you for help.


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, 7x7m is too large to cover with a single set of 1.0 basestations. 1.0 stations can be set up a maximum of 5m apart from each other diagonally. You may be able to squeeze an extra meter or so of coverage by using the sync cable as opposed to optical sync.


Here are a few options:

  • Reduce your target playspace's size to be within the supported and use the 5 headsets in a configuration that makes sense (likely a mixture of standing/seated workstations). 
  • Set up 2 (or more) different tracked volumes. This is tricky because 1.0 basestation pairs need to be physically separated/partitioned away from each other. You can use things like thick curtains (or anything that's opaque to near-infrared) to create the partitions. This is tricky because the basestations blast out quite a bright IR signal.
  • Set up playspaces in different rooms. 
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