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System button always tries to launch steamVR


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Like the title says when ever I press the system button the computer tries to launch steamVR regardless if its already lanuched or not. SO if I need to get into settings or want to close an app I have to deal with my computer trying to luanch steam VR again. It complains about this fact loudly. 

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I would maybe recommend completely uninstalling/reinstalling the Viveport and SteamVR packages as a first troubleshooting step. The Vive software does contain a background app which listens for a system button press and launches SteamVR when it hears one but it seems that some link between the two binaries is not functioning properly.


You can try disabling all Vive software from autostarting via Window 10's "Startup Tasks" UI. After a reboot it should prevent that background process from listening for the buttonpress event.

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