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How to change VivePointer's reticle model and color

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Taking VIU's example 1(UGUI), to guide developers how to change the VivePointer's reticle model and color.


In VivePointer prefab(same for ViveCurvePointers), there are Left and Right gameObjects.

Each one of them contains a Reticle gameObject.

In the Red box above is where developer can change the shape of the reticle.

In the Yellow box above is where developer can change the color of the reticle.

By clicking the dot next to the Sphere, developer can change to other types of models(Mesh).


By clicking on the dot next to Reticle, developer can change to other types of color(Material).


To add new color Material of your own, you can simply right click the mouse button and select Material then rename it to ReticleBlue.


Adjust Main Maps settings to the above.


To be continued...

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I would like to use a logo as reticle. First I tried to use a sprite for this, but I found that the Recticle Poser script requires Mesh renderers, so I changed it to a cylinder. But I notice that the reticle rotates depending on the angle between the pointer and the menu. If I point straight ahead the logo is fine, straight up, but when I point to the left it rotates counterclockwise and when I point to the right it rotates clockwise.

How can I prevent that? I tried to uncheck the Ease Rotation marks in the Pose Easer, but they were checked automatically again when I hit Play (and remained checked, even after ending play, strangely enough)


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I found a solution, but not the preferred one, I guess 🙂

In the ReticlePoser script I commented out the line
targetReticle.rotation = Quaternion.LookRotation(result.worldNormal, raycaster.transform.forward);


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