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Lighthouse Cord Questions

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Hi, I've been trying to research what the setup will be like when I order my vive. One thing that I cannot figure out anywhere is what the lighthouses actually need to run. I know they need power, and there is an optional sync cable. Do you have to have them connected to your computer in any way or are they wireless? I am just concerned about the 8ft power cable length. Tyvm for any help.

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  • They do not connect to your PC directly - they broadcast signals to the HMD which is where the sensors are. With Vive you only plug 2 cables into the PC, USB and Video. The system can use bluetooth to manage the basestations power state. 
  • You just mount them following our setup guidelines and plug them in via the included power cable.
  • You only plug a power cable into the basestations.
  • The sync cable helps in longer distance scenarios and can generally help with reliability in more complex installations. 
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