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Vive Pro original Face Cushion

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Dear Vive Cummunity, 


i have a question about the original Face Cushion. I have asked the Vive Suppor Team about the warehouse status of the  wide vive face cushion and which i should order so i get the original vive pro cushion. A htc employe told me that they dont have any information when they get new face cushion and that i should order them online. He gave me some links with the right cushion. I orderer the Vive Wide Face Cushion via Amazon only to see, that it isnt the same face cushion which was included in my vive pro at all.


As you can see in the Pictures even though the ordered cushions says "Wide" it is far smaller then the cushion that came with my vive kit.


How do i get the same cushion?





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We really haven't productized replacements for the Pro face cushion as demand for first party replacements for the Vive CE was really low. Many people in the VR community buy  third party replacements anyways so there's already an established aftermarket. 


We primarily use VRCover.com as they have several options of PLU replacement pads that are easy to wipe down. They offer several "thicknesses" which can alter your perceived FOV. PLU pads are great for situations where you're sharing an HMD but they don't come stock with the HMD because they're less durable than a foam insert and don't capture sweat.


The cushion in the photo is unfortunately a Vive CE facepad hence why it's way smaller than your Pro's facial interface. 

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That is really unpleasent. I cant believe there is no replacement for a product that is so expansive. Of course the demand is not big because the vive pro is very expensive but if you offer a product like this you should make sure the customers are able to order replacements for every part of the product.


I contacted the Vive Support before i ordered anything and they specifically gave me this product number to replace the cushion. I really feel fooled now because i would think that if some one should know it is a the support of htc. And no one told me anything about the cushion being for the Vive CE.


The Cushion you are suggesting is no option for me. I dont like the feeling of this fake leather and if you are using this cushion the sweet is not "soaking" into it so you will get a wet feeling wearing the vive.

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- I'll add some context into this thread which may help the situation.


We offer replacement facepads for first generation headsets but there really isn't consumer demand for them. For Pro, as the install base is smaller, the demand for replacement first party foam is even smaller and it's difficult to support a global distribution of a SKU that approaches zero volume.


What demand exists for replacement covers, VRCover pretty much monopolizes that market. They make a great product - we would recommend using them (facepads, headstrap kit).


The key difference between the two offerings is the material. Our facepad is more durable in the long term and machine washable which is why it's the material we ship with. A consequence of the change in materials is that our foam specifically wicks sweat which help reduce chance of sweat ingress into the HMD's shell. VRCover facepads are made of a PU material that's less durable but you can "wipe" these pads down and use some types of antimicrobial agents on them (no bleach!); you may have to replace these if you're rough to em which is one reason don't ship PU. When using PU replacements, we'd generally recommend you to be more mindful to wipe your forehead occasionally if you exclusively sweat whist in an HMD.

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