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3d print repair?

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I've had the Vive Pro for 2 months now. Terrific VR experience. However, I think I got too immersed and smacked my controller on the wall a few too many times. It used to just have a gap at the top and then snap back together. But recently it wouldn't go back together and felt like something was blocking inside. Took it apart, and sure enough several pieces of plastic inside were broken. As I live in the boondocks of Cambodia, shipping anything turns into a half year process.

So my question is are there 3d printable templates for these plastic components of the controllers? It would be great if I had a file I could just take to Phnom Penh to print the plastic parts I need at a 3d print store. It's the two top plastic parts that cover around the tracking assembly.

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As a temporary solution, I used some epoxy to glue the plastic pieces which broke off. I've given Sairento VR a break until I can get some better controller protection in place. Although I do hope a 3d print template for these parts are later released, as I'm sure I'm not the only user who has inflicted damage on their controllers, and that would be a better fix than epoxy.

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   I bet that almost all of the plastic parts can be printed and replaced if they have been damaged or have been broken. Unfortunately I couldn't find any 3d models of those parts. There is a 3D scanner (Artec Eva unless I'm mistaken) in our head office and they can let me use it to make some 3d scans of plastic components.
However I can't get acces to 3d printer and I don't even imagine how to use it.

   Well, that's my idea to make 3d scans and print them.

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