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The second paired controller has poor tracking


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I would like some help fixing this issue that I see someone else had almost 2 years ago with no apparent resolution.


Just like Oddball's thread linked above, I have this exact issue where the second controller that I pair always has poor tracking ranging from minor jumps and hiccups to full-on desynchronization while using every type of software in VR. I even purchased a third controller to make sure that this wasn't a hardware issue with the controllers themselves and all 3 of these controllers work fine as the first controller paired in SteamVR and all 3 of them show the same amount of poor tracking as the second paired controller. However, unlike the thread above, I also have the wireless adapter running in a PCIe x16 with a RTX 2070 and a 770 specifically for my additional monitor that doesn't have a displayport for the 2070. 


To try and troubleshoot, I have already:

  • Completely reinstalled all VR/Vive related software
  • Moved the WiGig card to a PCIe x1 and back
  • Swapped base station positions, flipped their channels, adjusted their pitch several times.
  • Having read that the wireless adapter uses a 2.4ghz radio, disabled my modem and router's 2.4ghz transmission to avoid interference
  • Removed all reflections from the view of the base stations
  • Updated my BIOS and OS.

I haven't tried to use my headset wired via the linkbox since it isn't an option; I would prefer to keep my other peripherals plugged in for ease and to keep my workarea manageable and I don't really have the environment to have the cables running to the space I have set for VR.


I do have an ASUS motherboard (Z97-Pro) and I saw that people were having issues with that but I don't see how the USB issues ASUS motherboards seem to have would also have this effect with the wireless adapter.


I really hope that you guys can help me fix this without too much trouble. Thanks.



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I read through your post twice and I think I'm missing something: initially you describe issues with controller pairing and tracking/connection, but then you bring up the wireless card without explaining how this fits into the controller situation. Did the controllers stop working when you installed the wireless adapter? 


Thank you,

-John C

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Sorry, I was bringing up the wireless card as something that was different from the older thread about this problem. I thought it would be important to mention that I may have different equipment. No, I have never used my headset outside of using it wirelessly and these issues started out of the box.

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I'd reinstall the SteamVR drivers at this point. You can follow these steps:


Remove All SteamVR USB Devices

The Vive system is composed of about 9 different USB drivers, including Bluetooth, controllers, camera, receivers and audio, among others. Due to different reasons, like software updates, change of connections, system updates or malfunction of a device, the USB drivers might get into conflict and reinstalling them is a good way to get everything back to its working state.

  1. Go to SteamVR > Settings > Developer.
  2. Click on Remove All SteamVR USB Devices.
  3. Once finished, the program will prompt a confirmation of the process.
  4. Disconnect the Link box AC Adapter and the Link box USB cable from the computer.
  5. Close SteamVR.
  6. Connect the AC Adapter back to the Link box and then connect the USB cable directly to the computer to a USB 2.0 port.
  7. Open SteamVR and check if all the devices all properly recognized, by going to SteamVR > Settings > USB > Refresh.
    1. These are the default drivers:


Vive Link Box:

·         Hub

·         Hub Controller

·         Bluetooth


Vive Headset:

·         Watchman Board

·         Camera

·         Audio Device

·         Main Board

·         Wireless Receiver 1

·         Wireless Receiver 2


Note: This list includes the drivers of the devices directly connected to the computer by USB, as it is the HMD and Link box. Controllers and Base Stations are connected to the headset through Bluetooth and then to the computer, so these devices are not going to be visible on this list.

thank you,

-John C

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Gave this a try; didn't work. I also misplaced the sync cable that came with my Vive so I went ahead and ordered a really long 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable to sync my base stations since I hear that could help.

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