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Hand tracking through the Vive cameras is a great idea and it looks like a great start. I'm not having much success with it, though. I can see it's detecting some of the time, but for the most part my hands are exploding :/


What I've done so far is to download the SDK and examples, then added them to a new project with the latest SteamVR API in it. I'm using Unity 2017.4.23, the latest SteamVR API (v.2.2.0), the latest Hand Tracking SDK and SteamVR


When I hit play in Unity, there were a couple of issues. I've posted the solutions here incase other people hit the same thing. Just simple null ref checking..


Let's start there.. error 1 was:

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
Draw.OnEnable () (at Assets/Aristo/Sample/Scripts/Draw.cs:42)


To fix, open up Draw.cs and add this to the top of that OnEnable function:

if (Camera == null)return;


The 2nd error would then occur when my hands went in front of the camera. That is:

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
Grab.SetColor (Nullable`1 moving) (at Assets/Aristo/Sample/Scripts/Grab.cs:94)
Grab.OnTriggerExit (UnityEngine.Collider other) (at Assets/Aristo/Sample/Scripts/Grab.cs:56)


To fix this one, a couple of null checks. Add these to the start of that SetColor script in Grab.cs:

if (target == null)return;if (target.GetComponent<Renderer>() == null)return;

OK, on to the tracking.. I wondered if this was an issue with SteamVR and the camera. I noticed in the docs that it says "Camera API in SteamVR is not as stable as other APIs, therefore you may encounter different problems when using Vive Hand Tracking SDK." - is there any alternative API to use with the Vive Pro for this, or are we stuck with the 'unstable' Steam VR?


It's not really usable for me at the moment, as the hands are jumping around all the time and it never recognizes the 'pick up object' gesture / pinch. Is there anything I can do to improve this, or is this as good as it's going to get with the SteamVR API?


Thanks for any advice / help you have on making it play nice. I hope we can get this working nicely with the Vive Pro because it'd be an awesome addition :)


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Same here, tried compile the example project for android (s8 cardboard)

ive enabled camera permissions manually, but no tracking was detected, hope HTC devs will provide working examples as a starting point to actually jump into integrating  it into projects.

also tried it with the first Vive, tracking works, but its very jumpy and hands are exploding most of the times, not usable in terms of recognizing any gestures.
But im impressed that You've managed to get this far using single  camera, effects are kinda comparable to first editions of leapmotion without tweaks.

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Thanks but it doesn't work. Start gesture detection failed: Camera



I tried differnt USB ports. The camera seems to be working in SteamVR though. Tested on Vive Pro and Unity 2018.3.8f.


Also tried a new project with Unity 5.6.3 and got the same error.

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 "Start gesture detection failed: Camera" 

Yeah I had the same error when I first ran it, too.


I found I had to disable using the camera for Chaperone too. In SteamVR's  Settings -> Camera, I ended up with all of the checkboxes empty in the Camera settings except for 'Enable Camera' to get it going.



Might not make any difference, but it's worth a try, anyway! Good luck!

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Thanks, it started to work when I followed your tips! 


Now, I think it will need some work to be useful though. It's really sad that even with stereo cameras, it can't really follow the fingers correctly. I have quite good light in my room. It could be that my walls are white and the contrast is too low? I'm not sure if the cameras on the Vive pro is too bad or the software need some tweaks.


I think they really are into something important if they want to succeed into premium/business though.

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Hello everyone, I'm developer of Vive Hand Tracking SDK. Sorry for the late reply, since we are busy working on GDC and VEC events.


I have posted a FAQ topic for some common questions about the accuracy. Please let me know if this can solve your problems or if there is anything I'm missing.

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