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  1. Hi @dipankerJuego Skeleton mode is currently not supported on Vive Focus and Android phone. We plan to add support in future release. For now, each hand only have a 3D position and gesture classification on these platforms.
  2. Hi @Ellen If you need to write your own code logic for handling teleport based on gesture input. You can disable the remote grab game object, so the same gesture does not trigger remote grab. You can refer to the HandStateChecker script for triggering actions based on gesture type.
  3. Hi @sjpt Thanks for the suggestion. I will see if we can provide the pre-built binaries for common platforms in next release. As for the WebVR, we don't have plans to support it yet, I think you can stick to your existing plan.
  4. Hi @sjpt The sample used in the video is provided in the unity plugin. You can import the Vive Hand Tracking plugin and find the example scene in Assets/ViveHandTracking/Sample folder. Just build and run on supported platform, including Windows (with OpenVR enabled), WaveVR and Android phone (not all functions supported on phone).
  5. Hi @pcasanova On Android, hand tracking should be running at 30 fps, including time for waiting new camera frame, calculate hand results, and return results to c# interface. If "GestureProvider.UpdatedInThisFrame" is true, it means a new frame is calculated. You can record the time of last frame and calculate the FPS. Even if running at 30 fps, the latency is <33ms. But it might still feel lagging in VR, since the rendering is happening at 60 or more FPS.
  6. Hi @MDV Games Skeleton support is not available on Focus and Android phones at the moment. We have plans to support it in future, but we are still working on it.
  7. Hi @pcasanova I don't think a glove would help in such situation. In fact, using a glove would make detection worse for finger key points, since the texture feature would be hard to detection. For in-consistent detection, if you have a Vive Pro, you can try to see if that improves the situation. Using single camera to estimate depth would make the result quite strange in some situation.
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