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Is internal wireless required?


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Using just the base station, headset, and hub; does any of those things need there internal wireless to make VR work? Through my testing it doesn't seem like I do need it.


I need to sever the internal antennas, is there any reason other than controllers and accessories that I'd need any of the wireless?

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I know what I'm attempting is highly unusual, but required nonetheless. The area these will be operating in does not allow wireless transmissions inside of it.


An example to meet this requirement would be, the nRF24LU1P chips inside the helmet; the pins 21 and 22 are the antennas and would be disconnected. The same would be done for the chips in the basestation and hub.


I do not and will not need any controllers or other accessories, so if that's all I lose from disabling the wireless then that's fine.


But let's just say that all wireless signals in these 3 devices were completely jammed and blocked would they still function as a head tracking HMD?

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In all honesty, I don't know. I can't really speculate as to what would happen if you started disabling chips or other components. It might just fail beccause internal diagnostics report lost of functionality.

Even if you didn't use the controllers and disabled the linkbox bluetooth (or removed the linkbox entirely) you're still dealing with the base stations which are pulsing IR signals. If you don't care about anything in the THz range or higher, than you're probably fine. 

Again though, I actually don't know if it would function or error out.

Thank you,

-John C

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Yeah, the IR is okay. I wouldn't be disabling chips, just not allowing it to transmit or recieve on the antenna that's on the motherboard. Not sure if diagnostics would reveal that as the chip should send the signal out still, it just wouldn't got out over the air.


If I can get this to work, we would get like 30+ of these.


I will attempt this on our prototype we have after we test blocking the signals externally between the 3 pieces.

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Unfortunately, I can't be less vague. The area of operations has security restrictions for wireless transmitters emitting RF signals. It would take far more work or not even able to be used if it is emitting wireless signals.

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