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gs65 RTX 2070 laptop: Vive Pro not detected


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Hardware: MSI gs65 Stealth notebook with RTX 2070 Max-Q

OS: Windows 10

Drivers: updated as of 3/22/2019


The Vive Pro is not detected as an external display.  I have tried two different miniDP cables (from Cable Matters; both cables were recommended on this forum).  They are DP 1.2 / 4K / 60Hz compatible.  Another external monitor is properly detected, so I know the miniDP port is working.


I've been driving the Vive Pro with a GTX 970 so the RTX 2070 Max-Q ought to be fine; are their known issues with this GPU?  RTX 2070 is on the supported list, but the Max-Q is not.




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Some progress: I re-ran room setup, and could then see the home room on my HMD.  


However the right-hand side was glitching badly - random, brightly colored polygons everywhere.  Power-cycling the HMD / linkbox and restarting SteamVR made that go away.


Now I can see the home room but there is very bad judder when I move my head.  SteamVR settings page shows 17ms render time and "motion smoothing on" whenever I move.  When my head is not moving I see 3 - 7ms and "motion smoothing off." 


Will update this thread as I progress, but so far this RTX 2070 laptop has not been a good out of the box experience.


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The MSI Dragon Center showed my GPU severely under-throttled: core clock of ~800 MHZ and memory clock of ~800 MHz.


I plugged in the power supply and GPU jumped to 1500 MHz core / 6200 MHz RAM.  The GPU is at 60% load 76 degrees, and the fan is SCREAMING. 


There was much less judder, but the home room still skipped frames as I rotated my head. 

After just sitting there for five minutes, the skipped frames stopped happening.  Frame time is a pretty consistent 9ms now.  /shrug/ 


Fan noise is very serious.  I didn't expect this for a $2700 laptop while in the home room.  Buyer beware.


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