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Headset USB port no longer working


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I have been using the USB port in the Vive to connect a USB headset for some time with no problem, as this allows me to use it's microphone.  Recently, this has stopped working, the headset is not recognised when plugged into the Vive USB port.  Headset works connected to the PC through the extension cable used for the vive, but not in the Vive USB port.  Same for a second pair of headphones and a pen drive.  I've tried removing USB devices via the Settings and even USBDeview to reinstall the USB devices, but that didn't fix the problem.  Everything else works, USB devices show up fine in Settings, but the port in the Vive doesn't respond to anything plugged into it.

What is odd, is that the port is providing power, as the lights come on on the headset (SoundBlaster H7) when it is connected to the Vive with both the USB and audio jack, but not if only connected by one cable.

Are there any tools or a way to troubleshoot or possibly fix this USB port on the Vive?

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You've done what I would have suggested. The only other thing I'd recommend is cleaning the port. Get a cotton swab and dip it in rubbing alcohol, squeeze it a bit so it's not dripping and then carefully swab the ports. Make sure it's not plugged in or powered when you do this. Give it a few hours to dry and try the connection again. Sometimes debris or gunk can mess up the connection.



-John C

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