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I made a post about how my vive base station had failed with error 03 and after 3 months of talking and getting no where i made a post about my issue and got through to a representative who could possibly assist me in this issue. I had previously quoted the warranty document which stated i'm entitled to a warranty repair under my statutory rights and the vive representatives seemed to be more helpful than the last. My last email recieved was a representative emailing me to say that they were going to look into this issue which is far more help than what the previous support staff gave. However, it's been 2 weeks tommorow and after sending two emails i've recieved no reply. I was wondering why this is as this product has been great since the date of arrival. Thanks, James

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Hello James,


Thanks for your message. As warranty rules and regulations, as well as our policies, vary across every region, please contact your regional Vive support chat team for guidance on how to proceed.


If all of the warranty criteria is met, an RMA can be issued by that team.


Note that the staff on this forum is based in the US and we cannot comment with certainty regarding rules and policies from other regions nor can we process anything on their behalf.


Kind Regards,


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