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HTC Vive Pro lag

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Hey guys, today my Vive started to making problems. It lags. Like in every app, in Home etc. It seems to be laggy only when Im moving head. Ive tried reinstall everything, gpu drivers, steam, steamvr, vive pro installer, checked cables, turn off bluetooth.. That timeline graph is acting weird too.  Im adding here a recording of graph, in headset mirror its not visible on monitor, just in headset. I dunno if its gpu problem, or cpu or tracking. Can someone help pls? And is it understandable what am I saying? :)



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Im having the same problem, i`m using a dell laptop with gtx 1060, 16gb ddr4 , i7 8gen . The specs are ok, but I`m thinking about the cable, because i`m using an adapter from mini display port to usb C.  Maybe the adapter its causing lag, or maybe the gpu driver . 

If you know some solution let me know.

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A Vive Pro on a GTX1060 will push that GPU to it's very limits under the default Vive Pro resolution - you realistically need a GTX1070 on most laptops to achieve a steady 90fps at 100% SS. 


You can confirm it's your GPU by going to SteamVR -> Settings and looking at the frame timing graph in the bottom lefthand corner. If the number if above 11.1ms - you're GPU is not powerful enough to render the scene at 90FPS. You can go to SteamVR -> Setting -> Video -> Enable Custom Resolution to force a global resolution that's lower. You'll also want to ensure motion smoothing is turned on via this page.

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