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compositor is not available (422) / HDCP error


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We have encountered a recurring error on two MSI laptops (MSI GS73 8RE-017NE Stealth Pro 17,3)

that says "compositor is not available" and sometimes also "HDCPerror" with the Vive Pro mask. At best it works for a few minutes - before the error come.

After a lot of testing we know this:

  1. 2 identical computers has the same problem (totally new computers)
  2. If I connect a Vive mask (not Pro) to the computer - it works!
  3. If I connect the same Vive Pro mask to another computer (actually also a MSI - just older) - It works.

Do we just return the computers or is there a quickfix?!

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  • 3 weeks later...

I have the same issue and start to suspect that the problem is that my PC is running to many screens... I installed a Stream Deck and after that my Error 422 started.

I have reinstalled Steam Vr and Vive but without any success. Then I was running a program that recognized how many ports running for Screens/Minitors. The program found a duplicate screen that I deleted. I then figured to uninstall the Stream Deck, uninstall Steam VR and Vive again. Flushed the Vive USB ports and booted the PC. Then I installed Steam VR, Vive and connected the Vive headset. It all worked... for a while...

By installing the Stream Deck again made once again issues... although I have not 100% figured out if the Stream Deck is the issue - issue seems to be the multiple screen created by ex Stream Deck or other.

Unfortunately I don’t remember the Monitor recognition program used.

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