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New Vive Business Edition with one Controller having intermittent tracking issue


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Good day

I just setup my new Business edition Vive system.  One contoller works perfectly all of the time but the other controller constantly losses tracking and floats away or just freezes in place or disappears from view. 

I tried all of the following with no change in tracking ability:

 - Updated Headset, both base stations and both controllers firmware to most current update.

- Updated my system hardware drivers to most current

 - tried plugging USB to different ports

 - Unplugged all Vive connections from my PC and reconnected

 - Restarted headset through Steam VR

 - Repaired controllers

 - Setup room many times

 - Plug in controller with mini usb to PC and ran update again for everytime I connect to PC it states that an update is avaialble yet confirms update install when this is selected.

 - Base stations are 7 feet in height with a donward 45 degree angle and facing each other at a distance of 12 feet apart.

 - Covered all refective surfaces in the room.

 - Reset contoller by doing the following:

  1. - Hold down the Trigger, Menu Button, Trackpad click, and Grip buttons simultaneously on the unresponsive controller.
  2. - While keeping the above buttons held down, connect the controller to a PC, via a micro USB cord.
  3. - Wait for 5 seconds.
  4. - Release the buttons.
  5. - Unplug the micro USB cord.


Please remember that this is occurring to a single controller only and always the same controller.  The other controller tracks perfectly and does not have any issues.


Any suggestions on what I am missing here?

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Additional information:

I turned to the probelmatic Controller off and tried to use just one controller and the controller that was always tracking without issue then started sporatically loosing tracking though not as often as the problematic unit.  When I turn the second controller back on then the original non problematic controller becomes stable again and the problematic unit has the sporatic tracking again.

I did do this with Steam advanced frame timing on screen and saw no significant spikes in CPU nor GPU.

I am running on an Intel I7 8700, 64GB DDR4, 512 SSD, Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 6GB.

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