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Wireless Sensor Cable extender


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I currently have 2 Vive Pro headsets with wireless adapters. My first question is how big of an area do the wireless sensor cover and what kind of range to they have? Iam looking to cover a 13mx11m area.  My second question is if the sensor support wire extendors. I was looking at eather 2-4m ones or 20m ones, depending on where I put my computers and also where would be the bbest place to put them? I was thinking on putting them on the middle of the wall on my 11m one with about 2m of hight. Would that be able to cover the whole area?


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We don't recommend using cable extensions with the wireless adapter. It's going to degrade the signal so you'll see performance issues. Stick with the original cable in the box and you'll be fine. Range/Area is about 6m x 6m.

Remember that you will need to make sure LOS is not obstructed to the transmitter.

Thank you,

-John C

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