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Wireless Sensor Cable extender


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I currently have 2 Vive Pro headsets with wireless adapters. My first question is how big of an area do the wireless sensor cover and what kind of range to they have? Iam looking to cover a 13mx11m area.  My second question is if the sensor support wire extendors. I was looking at eather 2-4m ones or 20m ones, depending on where I put my computers and also where would be the bbest place to put them? I was thinking on putting them on the middle of the wall on my 11m one with about 2m of hight. Would that be able to cover the whole area?


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  • The wireless adapter is rated to cover 6 meters. The actual distance will vary depending on the conditions in your environment but in most cases it will 5-6 meters at an acceptable quality level. The actual space it will cover depends on where you're mounting it. The PC side transceiver broadcasts out it's signal in a 150x150 degree FOV cone shape. 
    • In reality, WiGig is tricky because the signal bounces off of floors and walls so they're so one-size fits all answer; it's all environmentally dependent.
  • 13mx11m is beyond what SteamTracking 2.0 can cover. This size is outright unsupported by SteamVR at this point in time. You may be able to finagle the mounting of the basestations to get this coverage but it's definitely beyond the supported volume and you'll get error messages.
  • We're saying that you're able to hit a 10x10 meter space with the wireless adapter if you can mount the PC's overhead in the center of the playspace and point the wireless transceivers directly downwards. Past a certain volume, that's the only way to ensure the HMD is within the ~6 meter range of the PC-side transciever.
  • WiGig signals are not really compatible with extensions - it's far too sensitive to interference/noise. The cable that comes with the wireless linkbox is the maximum length supported by
    • The community has found one extender that works and will add 2M to the length of the transceiver. We've tested it - it "works" but is not without flaws and additional troubleshooting. I would not advise trying to use this extension in any sort of commercial operation as you will need to troubleshoot it at one point or another  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071Y7FXWW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_GRtdCb88BX6F0
    • A 20m extension has zero precent chance of working. The community at this point has tested dozens of options, the one linked above is the only one that sorta works. 
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