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Room setup frozen


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I just got a new vive headset and I’ve downloaded everything but when I try to complete the room setup it instantly freezes on the screen to either pick room scale or standing only. I’ve restarted my computer shut the window and gone back in but both don’t work.

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The rest of my screen is perfectly fine but the room set up window that pops up is completely frozen. I can move it around and close it but the little characters in the first two options don’t move and I can’t select anything.

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The first troubleshooting step with this kind of thing would normally be to uninstall and the reinstall SteamVR package to ensure that all of the room setup's files are fresh and intact. You can uninstall SteamVR via the Steam client.


Here are some thoughts/notes in no particular order:

  • Has the HMD worked before on this machine?
    • Are you 100% sure the HMD works? Have you tried it on an alternative PC? 
  • What happens if you bypass roomsetup altogether? Does the HMD work as anticipated with a generic roomscale config?
    • Go to SteamVR -> Settings -> Developer -> Quick calibrate. Set the HMD on the center of the floor and choose small or large space.
    • The HMD should operate as intended. If it doesn't it may indicate that the HMD/SteamVR is having a deeper issue outside of the roomsetup app. 
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