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Error 108 usb not detected


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I have been searching around for a while and I am completly lost. The headset stopped working after I used it successfully on a laptop. The headsett light is red and when I open SteamVR it gives me the error 108, and as far as I found out that means power or usb.


When I plug in the usb from the linkbox to the PC windows makes that "hey I found a new thingie" sound and when I open USBDeview I see the headsett in the list with a green dot next to it. I have reinstalled viveport, steam(and ran it in admin), updated gpu and usb drivers, connected the HMD directly to the pc and check every single usb port on the PC(usb 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1).



- AMD Sapphire Fury Nitro

- Intel Core i7 6700k

- MSI Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon


EDIT: Oh and if anyone has a headsett at hand could you check if the power brick for the link box power cable is hot? thanks

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Thank you for the response,


I tried to bypass the linkbox(both USB, HDMI and both at the same time) and no difference, still error 108 and the red light. Unfortunately I dont understand whay you mean by "try the shorter cables and sub them for the 3-in-1". Do you mean to disconnect the 3-in-1 cable from the headsett and putting the linkbox cables directly into the headsett?


USBDeview also recognizes the headsett when I bypass the linkbox.


As for the reason I believe it might be USB or possibly power related is that when installing VIVEPort and doing the automatic setup, at the stage when it tells you to connect the linkbox it will recognize the HDMI for some seconds before loosing it again, but the USB is never recognized as connected by VIVEPort. The powerbrick for the Linkbox/HMD also stays at room temperature, while the base station powerbricks have a slight sign of temperature buildup.

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