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Role Binding


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Hi, with a new empty project : i have this issue error when play scene.

i cannot use role binding.


ArgumentException: Cannot mapping invalid deviceIndex(0)
HTC.UnityPlugin.Vive.BindingInterface.BindingInterfaceRoleSetPanelController.RefreshRoleSelection () (at Assets/HTC.UnityPlugin/ViveInputUtility/Scripts/ViveRole/BindingInterface/BindingInterfaceRoleSetPanelController.cs:218)HTC.UnityPlugin.Vive.BindingInterface.BindingInterfaceRoleSetPanelController.Awake () (at Assets/HTC.UnityPlugin/ViveInputUtility/Scripts/ViveRole/BindingInterface/BindingInterfaceRoleSetPanelController.cs:50)

Question about vive tracker : i bought 6 vive Tracker in all for use it together with inpout pin mode interaction.

But for the moment when i use just one with input (pin mode) its ok and when i connect 2 vive tracker in the same scene, one receive pin communication by tracker but not others.

i have an impression we can use just 2 vive tracker for interac with them but not more !? is it allright

But for my project i have 2 extinguisher - 1 with one tracker and second with 2 tracker. but i need to have interaction with 3 trackers.


are we limited for use pin communication mode on multiple tracker ? please give us some information and documentation please.


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