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vive tracker 2017 problem with data over USB


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Hello to everyone. Some time ago, when i was using beta version Steam VR (v1527117754 6/21/2018 hotfix) i can send over USB a pad X\Y  value, a trigger value and a button status. 

Today(SteamVR 1.3.2) i can send only a buttons status. Value of a X\Y pad and a trigger is losted. 

The algorithm has not change but instead of changing data i get zeros.

 Is this a bug or the format of data packets(0xB3, 0xB4) has changed?

Thank you.


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The latest SteamVR input system does not support touchpad x/y and trigger value.

Please wait for Valve to update SteamVR.


In SteamVR input system, you can try looking at the input debugger window to see what's supported for tracker.

In /user/hand/left-vive_tracker_handed only supports 5 button clicks for now.

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