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One lighthouse wont change to standby when they are connected with sync cable


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Hello, so this week I tried using my lighthouses with the sync cable connected, everything was working normal until I closed my steamVR. For some reason one of my lighthouse (always the same one) wont go into standby mode even when the other one goes. 


So anyone know how to fix it?


PS: I tried using them again without the sync cable and they work fine and both change to standby right after I close steam VR.

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1- My bluetooth settings are set to enabled and on "managed base stations" both lighthouses are showing there, they are marked and with a green "check"!


2- Yes my lighthouses are in channels A +B, and the lighthouse that is remaining on I tested both channel A and b and on both it still remain on. *But if i change it to C the lighthouse will go in standby (idk if that information help on anything* 

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