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Controller Wireless Connection Issue (new, out of box system)


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        My HTC VIVE is brand new, right out of the box. During set up procedures when the tutorial instructs you to turn on your controllers, one controller flashed blue then promptly connected to the head set, the other controller then flashed blue in an attempt to connect then was unable to find the headset. Figured to was no big deal, maybe the controller was not charged enough, so I continued the tutorial because it only required the use/connection of one controller.
          After set up was complete I then decided to try to connect the second controller again. Goin down to my 'steam vr' application, right clicking on the controller that was OFF, click pair controller........ I am prompted with a screen that says "Two controllers already in use:  To pair additional controllers, at least one of your controllers must be turned off. Only two controllers can be connected at a time"
       Only one controller is connected, program thinks there are two connected. So initial thought was to turn off controller #1 to allow me to connect controller #2. This worked... until i tried to turn on and reconnect controller #1. controller #1 will turn on and display a solid blue light (controller is connected with the headset) BUT it is not green (normal function mode) like how controller #2 is.

    I am able to turn one controller off to enable the use of the other, but they will not wirelessly track when both are on and wireless, WHY might i specify wirelessly? Because if I connect the currently problematic controller (one that is displaying a SOLID blue light, does not matter #1 or #2) to my pc via the micro USB it will function completely normally until it is unplugged.

- unistall vive & steam/steamVR programs
- in steamVR: settings > developer > remove all steamVR USB devices      (then proceding to reconnect head set and controllers, results in same issue listed above when turning on second controller)

- calibrating controllers 

- pairing one controller, shutting it off, pairing second controller, results in same problem when turning back on the first controller

      Needless to say I am mildly frustrated, only way I can think I may have messed up the connection procedure was RIGHT when i opened the box for my VIVE kit, i grabbed a controller and was seeing how it felt in the hand, ended up pressing the power button (under track pad) and the controller tried to connect (flashing blue LED) then could not pair so it shut off.


   Hope this was discriptive enough, will be availible later to try and diagnose this problem if I am still waiting for support to reply. Thank you

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This sounds like general SteamVR bugginess rather than an issue rooted in hardware. I would recommend doing an unpairall procedure to clear out any issues with the config file that's responsible for controller pairing. 


SteamVR "Unpairall" procedure: 

  1. With SteamVR closed, open Window's explorer and navigate to ....STEAM\steamapps\common\SteamVR\tools\lighthouse\bin\win32

    • In an default installation - this is commonly C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\tools\lighthouse\bin\win32 
  2. Right click "lighthouse_console.exe" and run it as an administrator.

  3. A console will launch, type "unpairall" without the quotation marks and then hit enter. The console should report that all controllers have been unpaired.

  4. Repair the controllers via the SteamVR "pair controller" GUI

Similarly, I would also recommend trying to plug the HMD/Linkbox into a different USB port in case it's a USB-controller issue. This sounds likes a SteamVR bug though. 

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