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VR Racing simulation set up and advice

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Hello world
So we are looking to add a VIVE racing simulation set up using a racing chair, and wheel. This will be used commercially anyone who has an arcade I would love some advice how did you set yours up and what games do you use Legally for your commercial use?


Thanks in Advance


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I don't have any firsthand experince with setting up a SIM but I can say from working our support system that some wheels output a tremendous amount of EMI that can cause interference with the HMD. The setup I've personally seen in support chats most frequently is the OSW + Mige; I'd avoid that  combo if you have a Pro as it seems to leak a ton of EMI. The It appears like the Vive Pro is more sensitive to wheel EMI than the Vive CE.

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Regarding sim racing, when using a wheel and pedals, seems the controllers act really strange and become almost useless, this has happened to me with a HTC Vive and also a Samsung Odyssey Plus (Windows Mixed Reality). I am using a Thrustmaster T500rs wheel and pedal set with a load cell on the brake pedal. After doing much research, seems it's the pedals that cause this problem with the VR controllers. So when I race, I don't turn on the controllers, I use the desktop in Steam to fire up the SteamVR and then the racing sim (Assetto Corsa, Project Cars 1 and 2) then I chose openVR (Oculus if you are running a Rift) and then everything works well. Everything in game menus is mouse and keyboard based. :)

Take care


Regards: Jack

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