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who do I contact?


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This coming November will mark a year since i started contacting HTC about getting the warranty carried out for my broken base station. I used the offical email listed on HTC's website. Which to my suprise the support team didn't even know what their own warranty stated. They seemed to have no clue as to what "statutory rights," was when it came to my products warranry. I've had great experiences with the Vive and it's been one of the best purchases I've made. Getting friends around to use it has been most enjoyable. In January I recieved the email, from the forum, for the US help/support team. After just a few emails I could tell they were far more proffesional and actually knew what they were talking about. This was a huge uplift, the team infromed me that due to the fact I am positioned in the UK they could not complete my warranty and would have to reach out to the European team. I was fully ok with this as I thought that I'd finally get the help I required. So a member of the US team sent an email to the EU side and contacted me to infrom they had sent the email. After 2 weeks I asked what had happened. I was informed that the email had been sent and I was to wait. After another two weeks had passed I asked again. It's been half a year and I've still got no where with this. I love the product and believe the vive is truly a step foward in inovation but I'm out of ideas. Can anyone give me the email or another alternative method I can carry out to complete this RMA? 

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