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Sigh :(

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How can a stationary product just decide to fail...


Not used the VR for a while maybe 4 or 5 months.  Decided to install it all again yesterday (fresh windows install).  My basestations are wall mounted and both have been "asleep" since last use.  Install everything, started up the VR software and only one base station powered up, I had to press the button on the back of the other to start it up.  It all worked fine and the game worked.  I then closed Steam VR and that same Basestation never powered down.  Looking in Power management this one device has an exclamation mark. Nothing I can do to rectify that.  


Tried Stream both normal and Beta SteamVR.

Used a usb3 and usb2 for the for the hub

tried removing and reinstalling the BT driver (but like I said its a fresh windows install)


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