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HTC refusing to acknowledge EU warranty law


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My other base station was hit by the "blinking red light" internal error and I contacted customer support about it, thinking that it would be covered by warranty since I purchased my Vive in December 2017. To my surprise, customer support told me that HTC offers only 1 year warranty for standard Vive and my warranty period has expired on 13/03/2019. I tried telling them that since I recide in EU and HTC is clearly operating in the EU zone (since I purchaced my VIVE straight from HTC and it was shipped to me from Ireland IIRC), the company has to comply to EU law, which clearly states that the consumer has "a minimum 2-year guarantee (legal guarantee) as a protection against faulty goods". After this, the customer support stopped answering my messages alltogether.

I was wondering whether someone here would be able to help me with this, or should I contact my local European Consumer Centre?

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Status update:


Customer service finally answered and told that my support case has been escalated. Let us hope that this yields results. Nevertheless, it is really disappointing that the customer has to argue with customer service for days before getting anything else than "sorry, no can do" as a response. Nobody should have to go through that just to get their legal rights. Luckily Valve just announced their Index HMD, controllers and base stations, I'd recommend everybody to seriosly concider those over anything HTC has to offer. I've done business with Valve customer service and I have to say the difference between them and HTC is like a night and day. In case of any problems, you'll be thankful not having to interact with HTC CS...

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