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Both base stations finding and loosing tracking after some seconds periodically


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Hi All,


I know that similar topics have been discussed but I am really unsure what to do next. This issue is doing different things at different times and I would be glad if someone could give me some new (or old) ideas how to solve this:

I got the Vive for 2 years now. Since half a year this issue occured and has not been gone. On another pc it is not happening as it is on my own pc.


What happens:

1. Turning on SteamVR (1.3.23) turns on the headset and starts the base station. They need a lot longer time to get green in the SteamVR-menu (although they already have the green dot on their display and show b/c) but once they're on, the headset is tracking perfectly fine.

2. Turning on the Controller makes them visible in digital space for 3-5 seconds, then both base stations turn off in the SteamVR-Menu as if they won't be found anymore. The tracking is lost, the headset jumps onto the ground in the digital space.

3. After some time the base stations are found again, headset is working fine for some time and then they turn off again in the SteamVR-Menu.

Meanwhile the green dot on the base station-hardware stays, they still find each other the whole time.


Half a year ago when I started having issues, instead of the base stations the controllers were the ones being turned on and off in digital space.


What I did until now: I updated all firmwares of all hardware parts, I've reseted the controller and updated them again from scratch, I reinstalled SteamVR, I tested it on another computer which worked out fine at that time (I will test this again these days).


Any ideas?


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If it's working fine on another computer, the issue may be with the computer itself. Alternatively, it could be locational. It sounds like there might be something reflective or IR disruptive in that room. I would also reinstall the USB drivers using these steps and this tool: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?s=99fc613679d414ac10dc0dc9898716eb&ref=2748-WEIK-9562

Try resintalling the drivers first and then if that doesn't work, consider your play area for reflective surfaces or sources of IR light.

Thank you,
-John C

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Hi Synthesis,


thank you for the reply! I did as you said and deleted the usb-drivers with usbdeview-x64, rebooted, put the usb and hdmi back into the pc and started steam & steamvr. I also coffered some lights in my room which may reflect and disturb the base stations as well (although they have never done before).


The hmd and the base stations were lit green in steamvr and I could walk around perfectly fine. I then turned on both controllers, it stuttered for a moment and then I saw both controllers, one was ok, the other one took some time, was then visible but with an offset to my hand. After another moment both controllers jittered several meters through space as if they were loose tracking. It got worse until seconds later the tracking of my headset was gone again as well. I took off the headset and in the steamvr-window both base stations were off again.


I redid this multiple times by restarting steamvr, waiting for hmd & base station & turning on only one controller and it happened again everytime. I tested it in 2.0 as well as 3.0

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