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Start gesture detection failed: OpenCL

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i have tried open XRsetting,install vc++ 2015(i have already install vs2015 and vs2017),and i have updated graphic card driver(my graphic card is RTX2060,i don't know if it matters),but,alway got this problem,i can see blue wireframe in the HTC vive headset,but cannot start gesture detection.

PS:actually,i tried all the solutions i have seen in FAQ,such as got three graphic card drivers install by turn,use opencl drive query check it,it doesn‘t work.

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If OpenCL query fails, then your graphics drivers are not installed properly. Please make sure you have installed latest version of both NVIDIA and Intel graphics drivers. You can check the "clean install" option in NVIDIA driver installer which completely removes old version before install new one.


If OpenCL query succeeds, this might be a problem of Unity if you are using Unity 2018 series. Please check the second note in windows section of Unity plugin document for detail. As an easy way to identify this problem, you can build a windows x64 player and the OpenCL problem should be gone.


Best Regards,


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