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Vive trackers 2.0


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Not sure on how to start this off but as of 20 to 40 minutes ago, I've been encountering tracking issues with all three of my vive trackers. I tried switching lighthouse's around with the b and c, I've tried using the original dongles for the trackers rather than my usb hub and moving them around. However, the lighthouse that is currently located to the front left side of where my computer is it doesn't lose it's tracking compared to the one behind me on the right side, the moment I turn and face that station it looses all tracking with the trackers. Not sure on what to do because this just randomly started happening.

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I see this as fitting the symptoms for one of two things:

  • A failed basestation that's not reporting an error. Everything you've suggested hints the one in the back right has an issue. I would having one station plugged in and the other unplugged - set the station that's plugged in to channel A - this allow for single station mode. Next, test the tracking for that specific station. After that, switch over to the other station and repeat the process. If one of the stations is malfunctioning - it will fail to work in single channel mode and it should be pretty obvious. 
    • You can verify by pointing your smartphone at the basestation and checking to see if you see the two "dots" that correspond to the two laser rotors. In most cases where a rotor is broken, you'll see one dot instead of two. 
  • Reflections. Go to SteamVR -> Create System Report. Save the output then open it in a text editor and "ctrl-F" to search the document and look up the following term: back-facing 
    • A reflection looks like this in the SteamVR log
      • Sun Jun 26 2016 23:02:09.676 - lighthouse: LHR-4E33F709 H: Dropped 312432 back-facing hits, 2069 non-clustered hits during the previous tracking session


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I went ahead and did the testing with one station unplugged and the other plugged in with the station that was having the tracking issue and was still encountering the issue, i went ahead and went through the steamVR logs and came back with this 

Wed May 15 2019 10:16:52.311 - lighthouse: LHR-393F7A50 H: Dropped 611 rejected updates, 3658 back-facing hits, 79 non-clustered hits during the previous tracking session
Not sure what to do from here.

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