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Dumb question about Viveport/SteamVR apps for multiple users on same machine...


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I'm an instructor at a school and am looking to utilize VR in some classroom labs. Specifically for VR use in interior design/architecture/engineering applications and courses. So, I'm thinking of using apps like Revit/Autodesk Live, Autodesk Stinray/Max/Maya, Autodesk VRED (eventually), and maybe even something like Rhino3D/Mindesk. Those apps can all be installed and utilized by anyone with access/login to the classroom machines. The classroom machines all have mandatory profiles on them and students can't install software on them- so it limits the use of something like Viveport for installing apps for students on an individual level.


I JUST finished installation on a test Vive HTC/1080/i7 machine yesterday and haven't yet dug around to see what my options might be, so I'm not sure if you install an app locally and it can be available to anyone to run even if they're using a different computer login. I guess I'll take a look at that today...


Is there a way to access SteamVR games as part of a "pool" of users in such a situation? Does one need to have a SteamVr/Viveport account to utilized apps that are installed on a local machine?


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If you intall a windows app on a system administrator account it will run for all users (unless you specify otherwise).


If you install as just a user with non admin privileges it will only be available to that user.


I always run 2 accounts admin an d user even on my home computers. Run as user unless installing. Stop dodgy websites and app install. If something gets past... you can delete the user account and create a new one.

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My original post was over a year ago on this matter. Bad news is that the wheels of progress move slowly at times! The great news, though, is that I have received funding to purchase 25 new computers and each will also have a Vive HTC headset/controllers. I'm pretty excited about what I can bring to the students and my colleagues in this effort.


Students will be using the devices for VR development in gaming (3DStudio Max, Unity, URE), architecture/interior/civil design (Revit/SketchUp/Enscape3D), as well as general use (Google Earth VR). We'll await new software plugins and adapt current courses to incorporte VR use as developement occurs.


The room will have 24 SEATED stations, an instructor SEATED station, and already has a room scale play area of 12'x16' that already has a dedicated computer, lighthouses and headset. The effort will be a regional one, with coordination, cooperation, and participation from other schools outside our district but within the same LARGE geographic area.


I'm really hoping that before I have to place an order on the devices that Vive will release the next generation of their  headset- and I do have a deadline for placing that order. We will likely set the room up during the months of July and August for use in the Fall of 2018. And I'm hoping that the technology we deploy won't be "last year's model"!


Wish me luck- and if you have any advice, please don't hesistate to offer it.

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