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how to connect my laptop to vr and too tv


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hello so i recently got a (nitro an515-51 ) and iv been having a blast with pc games,but now i bought 

an HTC VIVE to go along with it.it work greate  but i would like to have it display on my tv but i cant for the life of me figure out how.

ive tryed multiple adaptors but i can never get more than one working at a time,its always one or the othere.

can anyone help me out?

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First of thank you for replying  so promptly.

so i am not a tech savvy but i got a USB to HDMI adapter thinking that would do the trick seeing as how i only have the one HDMI on this laptop.

but i cant seem to get it to register like the HDMI would ,like i said im no tech savvy so already this is way over my head.is there some simple factor im not taking into acount? like

-is the adaptor im using incorect(like spacific type for my laptop)

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 - That's a budget laptop with a budget GPU - it's really borderline on being able to support as Vive is let alone mirror to external displays. Cheaper laptops like that are only going to have 1 or 2 ports that are wired in a way that talks to the GPU to allow for a video output - it looks like that laptop only has an HDMI output. You're pretty much out of luck on getting that TV nativley hooked up - you can try using some sort of casting or streaming middlewear but it's going to require setup and tinkering. You cannot use any sort of "HDMI-splitter" as the Vive needs a dedicated port. 

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I had a feeling that was the case,I was looking into that as a plan B if needed.

well regardless thank you very much for your help and input,you have saved me alot of time!

one last thing just to point me the right way.what casting device would you recommend if any?

id like to give it a shot before flat out giving up.

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