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[Bug] Unreal engine UI bugged

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I have downloaded and enabled the Wave VR plugin, however whilst this is active parts of the UI of Unreal Engine itself disappears, the exit, minimize buttons, the buttons to change perspective, lit and unlit etc are disappearing.

Even the white lines under the basic actor placement tool.

So heres the catch, when i click with my mouse on a empty space in the content browser, everything appears again and then disappears when i release the mouse, seems to be a focus malfunction. This does not happen when the WaveVR plugin is disabled.

Any ideas? smile.png


EDIT: When building the light, the engine does some sort of refresh which enables the UI again. Upon restarting the editor the error occurs again. And I have to rebuild the light again which for some reason fixes the problem. Which obviously are totally unrelated, but perhaps it does some sort of refresh on the editor UI?

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