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SteamVR Error 208, worked fine previously


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I've been using my Vive since 2016 mostly without problems but since yesterday I'm getting error 208 every time I start SteamVR. The HMD light turned red as soon as the error appeared and has stayed red since. I've read many threads about this error and have already tried many things including:

- Reinstalling SteamVR

- Reinstalling Vive drivers, unplugging the linkbox cables, then replugging them after restart

- Reseating the cables to the HMD, Linkbox and PC

- Connecting different HDMI cables directly to the HMD

- Plugging the Vive into a different PC and trying it with a freshly installed SteamVR on there

- Turning direct mode off/on

I'm kind of out of ideas now and I'm starting to think the HMD hardware just broke. Any other ideas I could try out to fix this?


For what it's worth these are my specs, though they shouldn't be the issue since it worked fine with those for years:

- AMD Ryzen 5 1600

- 16 GB RAM

- nVidia GTX 1070

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