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Hi all - sorry for the newbie questions but hoping someone can assist me.


1. I recently aquired some trackers (2018) and was looking to wire up inputs/haptic feedback with them.

I was under the impression that pin 0 output has now become a lower voltage signal pin, with the intention of triggering a transistor, that requires me to use a different power source to actually drive the haptic feedback motor. Is this at all possible from the Pogo pins - if not is it possible through the micro usb on the tracker? (5v?) or failing that do I require a seperate power source for my motor?


2. Should I be using the most recent official firmware on the trackers or is there better beta firmware - or even old firmware that is preferable?


3. Is it possible to then configure this using Steamvr or should I be looking to use 3rd party input emulators?


Thank you for any/all advice! =)

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