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VR kit useless since last firmware update

Franky Flash

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1.20190410.0 buggy, with random grey screens - not just me, others are reporting it
This 1.20190410.0 and/or the firmware it pushed is pretty buggy on what was a fairly solid intel machine (i7 9700k, Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Ultra, 64g ddr4, nvidia 2080 and 2X samsung 960 evo 1T m2 SSD instaled in Raid 0), if you have Intel, do not do the update as there is no reason. Also there is no way to roll back. Hopefully this will be fixed soon, I'm getting random grey screen, it looses contact with base stations and wands at the same time looking at steamvr. Since the basestations are beacons and don't talk back and forth and it loses the wands at the same time, I'm guessing the "wireless USB" part of the wireless is crashing and the headset itself can't talk usb to steamvr. Unplugging the battery and plugging it back in fixes it - but sucks to be in the middle of a beat saber song and the thing just goes grey.

Others are reporting i here over at reddit:


Can we get a update on this, a fix, or way to roll it back or my money back...because it's been 2 month since it is broken and i am sure that i can use the 2800$ that i paid on a working vr kit

Nothing else changed, I just did the update a few days ago - still on same SteamVR version, display driver, no windows updates in between - it was pretty simple, before the update - solid, worked well - after the update, not working at all...

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