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Vive Pro Wireless Headset Display Disconnected


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So recently I had to reinstall Vive Wireless as I was recommended to because of error 10001.9 that kept occuring, asked me to restart, and then failed again once I had. Since then, SteamVR has appeared to completely ignore the existence of Vive Wireless. I wait until the Vive Wireless app says "ready", It downloads drivers if it has to, then I boot up SteamVR, but it tells me that the headset display disconnected. I am on Windows 10 using a Vive Pro with a Vive Wireless Adapter, and it has worked for me before. I do know that reinstalling everything as outlined here works, but given that it's been 5 days and I've already started experiencing error 10001.9 again, I would prefer a solution that doesn't require something so radical. I have tried repairing the headset, clicking "Remove all SteamVR USB devices", and my SteamVR and steam client is loaded on the C drive. I have my linkbox power and USB connected so that I can enable bluetooth for the basestations, however unplugging the linkbox or connecting the displayport does not appear to make any difference. I do have ASUS software installed- which I've read can cause issues- but I sort of need it. It is ASUS PCE-AC56 WLAN Card Drivers, which I need to connect to the internet. It operates a WLAN card on another PCI slot. Would this be enough to interfere with the Vive?


It might also be worth noting that I had an issue installing DisplayLink when I reinstalled Vive Wireless, and the only fix that worked for me was this.

Does anyone have any advice? Any pointers for preventing the 10001.9 error would also be much appreciated.

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