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Stereoscopic 180 Capture


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I am trying to record gameplay as a 180 VR video. I am able to capture the Display with both eyes using OBS, however when importing into adobe premier or any other VR viewer it appears twisted and distorted within the 180 field of view. Has anyone been successful in creating a VR gameplay video and have some knowledge of this subject?

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I strongly suspect this would require a custom OpenVR/Engine level solution - I'm not aware of any workflows that currently facilitate this. This is not a well-developed output pathway because it would be highly undesirable to view someone's first person VR recording in 3D - almost guaranteed motion sickness for most of the population. 


The distortion you see on the mirror image is actually already semi-corrected and masked/culled; the image the actual display gets fed is extreemly distorted when viewed without a lense. I'd imagine the most direct way to accomplish this would be to create a custom camera rig in your engine that's capture outputting the required format or creating a custom OpenVR output (hard!).  It sounds like you're taking a flattened image that's already undergoing tremendous reprojection and then throwing it into an application which is then further distorting the image. Instead, you'd want to capture two seperate native outputs such as a two 360 video feeds/screenshots and then derrive your VR180 from that.


Here's a tool that developers and streamers use to target the mirror: https://github.com/baffler/OBS-OpenVR-Input-Plugin. It basically just applies a crop factor to the mirror - it's probably not directly helpful but it's a good example of how to target OpenVR's output streams. You may be able to target the same APIs this tool targets to create a custom output. 


VR180 is a not a widely supported format - Google is championing it. There's simply not alot of demand for VR180 - the lack of tooling reflects it's early stages of adoption. 


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