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Base Stations 1.0 and 2.0


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So when I bought my Vive Pro it came with 2 Base Stations with the curved front. I just bought another base station expecting to get the same item. I recieved the flat front Base Station which I'm guessing is the 1.0 version. I tried last night to get the 3 Base Stations to see each other but the 1.0 version is recognized but will not come online (greyed out). Is there some magic that I need to do to get all three online at the same time?

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1.0 and 2.0 stations are unfortunately not cross-compatible with  each other - the sync system on 1.0 stations makes it impossible to operate in the same environment as 2.0 stations without some kind of physical separation because they emit a high-intensity IR flash. I'd suggest returning the 1.0 station as you already have two 2.0 stations. 


2.0 stations are tricky when it comes to availability - Valve has not authorized anybody to resell them hence why they're not currently listed on our store site. Valve is currently taking pre-orders for additional stations here - that's currently the sole location to place an order for additional units.  SteamVR currently supports upto four (4) 2.0 basestations (per SteamVR instance). 

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