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 - This is unlike anything I've ever heard of. The Vive tracker does not have the required IO pins to "jump" start it. If your dongle is plugged into the PC, the tracker is fully charged, and pressing and holding the Vive logo doesn't turn it on, something is wrong. You can plug it in via USB and try to turn it on - SteamVR should recognize it; if it doesn't something is wrong. If the device is damaged/malfunctioning, you'd want to hit up hardware support via www.vive.com/support -> Contact Us -> Begin Live Chat. 

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We have had sporadic instances of this issue for a while now with many Trackers. We use our Trackers as controllers, which are paired wireless to the HMD dongles. It usually only happens to one each instance. It is literally dead, does not turn on via the power button. I simply plug it back it to it's charging cable, wait a couple seconds for the LED light to turn on, unplug, then I can power back on with no issue - very strange and inconsistent. Is there some latched error-state that could possibly be causing this?

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