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Unreal launcher to Focus Plus Error


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Trying to connect my app to Focus for demo/testing. Ive downloaded the Unreal SDK and copied the WaveVR to my project plugins and the Third Party folder to my epic source folder. Is there something I am missing?

This is my first attempt at producing an app for the Focus. No type of deployment has worked yet. 



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Hi  ,


Could you check below items?

1. Check whether the Thirdparty/WVR copied to Engine Side or not (by checking WaveVR Sdk’s document).

2. Could you package android apk without wavevr plugin?

3. If Item 2 is true, try to enable wavevr plugin and package android apk instead launch on device

4. If Item 2 is false, you should check the android environment (by checking WaveVR Sdk’s document).


Here is the getting start instruction and please check if any steps is missing.


Let us know if you still get the problem.


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