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Urgently need a real SteamVR alternative.

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We need a real alternative than SteamVR. Vive port is great but needs more games selection. We need a real alternative. I'ld like to get away from steamvr altogether after this experiance.


I'm really feed up with the Steam setup of VR. Their authoritian inflexible big brother tactics is bogus. It's been almost 2 weeks now and I can't play my favourite game (StandOut) and see no resolution in sight from the SteamVR support. So basically I have a very expensive anchor or heater. They are much worse than the Apple. Atleast they give you the option when to update the software. And not force it upon you whether you like it or not. With no option to roll back.


I spent good money upgrading my PC and bought a HTC vive pro.


And at this point I have no regrets. I bought it mostly for the kids. But I have also in the middle of the night been playing with it a lot. The game I play a lot in StandOut. Been playing it for quite a lot. Well over 100hrs


I took a little break approx 1 month. Then wanted to start to playing it again. Standout forced me to upgrade which is fair enough as it an online game that requires everyone to have the same version. However SteamVR also forced me to upgrade at the same time. Since I've done this Standout does not work.


I suspect it's the version of SteamVR that is causing the problem as I also bought a game for my son called AnimVR and it showed the exact symptoms. I select the game. It says it starting up. While it's in this process I'm unable to exit as per other games. It appears SteamVR is locked up. And will not stop till it times out for about a minute then goes back to the home room.


I've looked on-line and other people are also frustrated as in the past SteamVR gave the user the option to roll back. This is no longer the case. And have created a lot of frustrated users online. As like all software upgrades the latest version isn't always the best for their setup. And according to SteamVR this roll back option is not available any longer. Why the hell not. Every other operating system and software gives the user this option. Why is Steam so special.


So now I have a useless very expensive system. With no support. And no alternative. 


I'm trying to determine whether the fault is in the game or the updated Steam VR. As steamVR support a pretty much non-existant. I have rebuilt the computer on 2 seperate hard drives. It made no difference.


I had an old hard drive that did had an old working version of SteamVR and Standout. It also forced me to upgrade Standout in order for me to play. Then SteamVR stopped me from playing until SteamVR was also updated. So now even my old hard drive is also stuffed. Not even apple Iphones which have the reputation of being ruthless authoritarian, orwellian big brother forces the user to upgrade when it wants to. It waits for the user to give permission.


Sorry for this rant but I have now a very expensive bit of hardware that I can't use. I have no support from SteamVR team. And I have no ability to perform even the most basic of tests to find the possible cause of the problem.


This level off control is way above even apples level of authoritarian rule. But atleast apple products do work reliably. I did not know I bought an apple product. 


Cheers from a very  helpless and not happy customer/owner.

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