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Massive reprojection/stuttering with 2080ti


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Hi gang!  So I've been a SteamVR user since 2016, upgraded to Vive Pro when it came out, and have had no issues up until about November of 2018.  I got a 2080ti, and as soon as I loaded SteamVR it was massive stuttering and reprojection in settings, any time I move my head it lurches and there's black space at the edges of vision, absolutely unplayable.  I took my 2080ti out and have been using my 1080 ever since, but recently decided I should use the 2080ti I paid a grand for, so!  I've been using my 2080ti for the past 4 months now and haven't been able to figure out what's going on with VR. But I can't stand not playing VR anymore. 


Any idea what's going on?  I've completely deleted steam and reinstalled to no avail.  Drivers for Nvidia and for the Wireless Vive Pro adapter are entirely up to date, as is steam, the headset/base stations/controllers. I've tried loading SteamVR both with opt in to Beta off, and on, and neither makes a difference.  

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