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Can i mix controller 2.0 with controller 1.0 ?


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Hello there,

one of my controllers 2.0 doesn't connect anymore and is just blinking slowly red even after having it for charging for hours.

i now have the chance to get a 1.0 for cheap.

will i be able to use the vive pro with the 2.0 base stations with one controller 2.0 and one controller 1.0 ?

i cant wait 4 weeks or more to get my controller repaired and not being able to play vr in this time.

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  • You'd probably want to try and warranty repair your 2.0 controller if possible. The warranty is 1 year in most regions but there's a bit of buffer to account for shelf life so most Pro equipment is still under warranty as launch wasn't too long ago. 
    • The repair outlook in all regions is pretty favorable right now - there's currently no delays at any facility that I'm aware of. 
    • You can request a repair RMA via https://www.vive.com/us/support/ -> contract us -> begin live chat. 
  • 1.0 controllers are completely incompatible with 2.0 stations. The 2.0 stations lack the IR sync system that's required to drive 1.0 devices. A device must have sensors enabled to work with 2.0 tracking for it to be compatible. 
  • You can hybridize 1.0 and 2.0 controllers only if you're using 1.0 tracking. 
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